Converting from Oil to Gas

Most homes in Ireland still use home heating oil.

But with the availability of gas increasing many people are now thinking about connecting to gas.

What is the difference heating your home with gas compared to oil? Is it worth converting to gas? What do you need to consider? Is gas even available where you live?

Our ‘Oil to Gas’ calculator helps compare the cost to heat your home with gas rather than oil. You can also check if gas is available where you live. Find out about the benefits of gas, how to convert and if help is available with the cost.


Benefits of Natural Gas

Find out why people switch to gas

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How to convert to gas

The steps to connect to gas

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Support to convert to gas

You may be able to access support to help

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Is gas available?

Check if your home can connect to the gas network…

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Gas Network and Gas Suppliers

Who you need to contact and when.

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