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Power to Switch is accredited by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

This means you can trust the information ‘Power to Switch’ provides and use this to find the very best electricity, gas and dual fuel deals in Ireland.


CRU Accreditation.
The Commission for Regulation of Utilities is Ireland’s independent energy regulator. They aim to make sure the energy market works in the best interest of consumers. As part of this they monitor websites like ‘Power to Switch’ to ensure we provide accurate, independent and impartial information about energy deals.


CRU Annual Audit 

Every year CRU undertakes an audit to review the information, calculations and results that we provide to you – their Price Comparison Website Framework has over 70 different conditions that each price comparison site must meet if they want to be CRU approved. And because we have passed this audit you can be sure we meet the standards set by CRU.

Being accredited also means we can display the CRU logo to let you know the results we display have been checked and are impartial, accurate and independent.



Why use a CRU Accredited site to Compare Energy Prices?
It means you can have confidence that the information and calculations on ‘Power to Switch’ have been independently tested and you can trust what you see. Taking decisions on what energy deal is best, or how much you can save must be based on accurate information – we are delighted that CRU agree that this is what we provide.

There are other sites that compare energy prices but as Power to Switch is independently audited and approved by the Energy Regulator in Ireland you can be sure what you see on our site is accurate, independent and focused on finding you the best deal.


Pick the best deal...

You could save more money by taking your electricity and gas from separate suppliers

If you prefer the convenience of one supplier for your electricity and gas then the biggest saving is the tariff from .
This deal will save you € per year.

You could save € on your electricity bill with the tariff from .

You could save € on your gas bill with the from .

The combined savings will be € per year.

You can view all the tariff options from the results page. Simply 'toggle' between the type of tariff you would like to see.