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You can choose which energy company supplies gas to your home so it’s important to shop around for the best deal or check if another supplier providers additional services or a better customer experience.

Gas Suppliers

There are currently 8 energy suppliers you can choose from in Ireland to provide gas to your home.

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With a range of tariffs and suppliers to choose from, there is no need to pay more than you have to or put up with poor service.

Power to Switch is accredited by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) as an impartial, accurate and independent supplier of energy price comparisons.

Why use Power to Switch?

There are new suppliers and more competitive deals coming onto the market every year. So if you’ve never switched or it’s been a while you are likely paying more than you need to for your gas. By using Power to Switch to change your gas supplier, you could be saving up to €153 a year.

The lowest price doesn’t necessarily mean the best deal. Thats why it’s more important than ever to shop around and compare deals with your own needs in mind. You can run a free energy comparison to find the best deals tailored to your current situation.

Our service is impartial, independent, and all about helping you to save money on your energy bills. We compare deals from every gas and electricity supplier, and when we’ve found you the best one, we’ll help you switch in minutes!

How to Switch

Switching is a simple 3 step process and if you have any queries see our dual fuel switching FAQs below.

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Compare Irish Gas Prices

With 8 different gas suppliers operating in Ireland, you can choose who supplies your home. With so much choice, it’s important that you shop around and compare deals to find the best prices, extra services or a higher standard of customer service.

Gas Switching FAQs

Why should I compare gas prices and switch?

If you haven’t switched your gas tariff recently it is unlikely that you are on the best deal. With Power to Switch you could save up to €153 on your gas bills simply by switching.

There’s no one best deal or cheapest energy supplier for everybody, so it’s important to run an energy comparison based on your own situation. That way we can help you find the best gas deal that meets your needs and lifestyle.

Why compare gas deals with Power to Switch?

Power to Switch is a free and independent service helping you find a better deal. We compare all gas and suppliers in Ireland and can help you switch in minutes

And because we are accredited by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities you can trust our information to be accurate, impartial and up to date. This means you can be confident of finding the very best gas deal.

What you need to compare gas prices?

All you need is a few details: who your current gas supplier is, your current payment method and tariff. To get the most accurate comparison its best to use details of your current energy usage (or spend). This information will be included on your energy bill or statement.

If you don’t have details on your current usage or spend to hand you can use the average consumption level which is 11,000kWh for gas.

How do I know who my gas supplier is?

When it comes to comparing deals, you will need to know who your current gas supplier is. The easiest way to find this information is to check a recent gas bill.

if you don’t know who supplies your gas and can’t find a recent bill you can contact Gas Networks Ireland on 1850 200 694 or networksinfo@gasnetworks.ie to find out.

How many gas suppliers can I choose from in Ireland

The gas market in Ireland is really competitive. With eight gas suppliers there are more tariffs, deals and offers to choose from than ever before. To see more information on gas suppliers, visit our Suppliers page.

What types of gas deals are there?

Each gas supplier in Ireland provides a choice of tariffs – so it’s about picking the tariff that is best for you and your lifestyle. View our guide to tariffs here.

What to consider when comparing gas deals?

Price and savings will always rank highly when it comes to considering a new gas deal. But there are a few other things to consider….

Firstly, how you pay impacts on how much you pay! Payment options include Direct Debit, Pay as You Go, cash/card or cheque. And it’s worth remembering the best deals are usually available to Direct Debit customers.

How you are billed is also important. As with Direct Debit the best deals are usually available with tariffs that have online or e-billing rather than postal bills.

And a few other things to think about…

  • What type of plan suits your needs best? a discount tariff, fixed price or Pay as You Go.
  • Is there a contract term with any offer, usually 1 or 2 years? Is there an early exit fee?
  • Do you want a gas tariff where the supplier offsets the CO2 footprint of your gas consumption?
  • Does the supplier offer any additional services e.g. Online account or smart technology?
  • Are there any other perks, cashbacks or promotions with the offer?

Choosing the Best Gas Deal

How much could I save on my Gas Bills

Every home is different but if you have never switched or it’s been a while you will save money on your gas bills.

In Ireland there are more energy suppliers to choose from than even before. And with more suppliers there is more competition and choice. To attract new customers many suppliers offer discounted deals to encourage you to make the switch. Many discounts last for 12 months so it’s important to make switching a habit in order to keep saving money.

The actual saving you will make on your gas bill will depend on how much energy you actually use in your home. To get the most accurate comparison we advise you to use the amount of energy you use (kWh) which will be printed on your bill.

However, at the moment, customers on a typical standard rate, consuming the national average amount of gas (11,000kWh) during the year could save €153 in their first year by switching:

Switching Gas Supplier

The best deal or the cheapest gas deal?

This really depends on you…and sometimes the best deal and cheapest deals will be the same and sometimes they won’t. Every household will be different – and it depends on what you value in terms of an energy deal. Maybe it’s the cheapest price, a deal with a cashback offer, or a fixed price deal.

It’s really about finding the deal that is right for you.

With ‘Power to Switch’ we can help you through this. We give you control over how to view results – you can view by price, by payment method or include the value of any cashback offer.

We also provide Information about each supplier, key features of the plan, payment and billing methods so any decision is made on full information.

How do I find the Cheapest Gas plan?

What information do I need?

To compare gas deals in Ireland there are a few things that you will need.

  • Current Supplier: Your current gas supplier.
  • Current Payment Method: Direct Debit, on receipt of bill or Pay as You Go.
  • Tariff Name: Name of tariff with current supplier
  • Gas Usage: Enter how much gas you use (kWH) or spend (€). Or if you don’t know this you can use the average usage figure (11,000kWH) approved by CRU.ie

How much could I save switching gas supplier?

At the moment a gas customer currently on a standard rate consuming 11,000 kWh (the national average) could save the following amounts in their first year by switching. Your individual saving will depend on how much electricity you actually use in your home.

*Annual Costs and Savings include all taxes and charges, including the Carbon tax, VAT, and standing charges. Costs are based on tariff rate only, Any additional cashback offers are not included.

Pick the best deal...

You could save more money by taking your electricity and gas from separate suppliers

If you prefer the convenience of one supplier for your electricity and gas then the biggest saving is the tariff from .
This deal will save you € per year.

You could save € on your electricity bill with the tariff from .

You could save € on your gas bill with the from .

The combined savings will be € per year.

You can view all the tariff options from the results page. Simply 'toggle' between the type of tariff you would like to see.