Power to Switch makes this easy. We compare deals and offers from all suppliers making it simple to find a better energy deal and switch.

There are 11 energy suppliers in Ireland with a wide range of tariffs and offers to choose from. When you switch there is no change to your wires or meter – just a different supplier and a better deal. You don’t even have to tell your old supplier you are leaving!


Pick the best deal...

You could save more money by taking your electricity and gas from separate suppliers

If you prefer the convenience of one supplier for your electricity and gas then the biggest saving is the tariff from .
This deal will save you € per year.

You could save € on your electricity bill with the tariff from .

You could save € on your gas bill with the from .

The combined savings will be € per year.

You can view all the tariff options from the results page. Simply 'toggle' between the type of tariff you would like to see.