Energy Grants: Heating Controls

The right heating controls will let you set your heating and hot water to come on and off when you want, to decide which rooms to heat and to the desired temperature. 

By upgrading your heating controls, you will be able to enjoy a warmer, more energy efficient home.


What are the benefits of Heating Controls?
  • Heat when you need it: You’ll be able to programme your heating to come on when you actually need it. And you can even control it remotely, meaning that you’ll only ever need to heat the house when you are there.

  • Zoned for more efficiency: Heat your hot water without having to turn on your home heating. You can also split upstairs and downstairs into heating zones for further efficiency.


  • Reduce your energy bills: By installing modern and easy to use heating controls you should be able reduce your energy usage by up to 20%. And this all adds up to lower home heating bills.


Value of Heating Control grant available from SEAI

The SEAI offers a €700 grant to households looking to update their home’s heating controls.


Who can apply for an SEAI Heating Control grant?

All homeowners, including landlords, whose homes were built and occupied before 2006 can apply. Homes built from 2006 onwards should have been constructed to the 2003 Building Regulations and should not need significant upgrades. This is defined as the date your electricity meter was installed.

If your home was built and occupied before 2006 and you are in receipt of social welfare payments, you may be eligible for free energy efficiency improvements.



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