Government approves plans to give all Irish households €600 energy credit

The Irish government has approved plans to give all Irish households €600 in energy credit.

Public Expenditure Minister Michael McGrath confirmed that this support will be split into 3 instalments of €200, starting in November this year. The following instalments are planned for January and March 2023.

The details of how these energy credits will be distributed are still being confirmed, but previous support payments have been deducted by home energy suppliers as opposed to deposited into households’ bank accounts.



Support for public services


McGrath went on to say, “In addition to the need to provide cash support for households, I am also acutely aware of the pressure that rising prices – in particular energy costs – are putting on the delivery of vital public services.

“I am allocating additional funds in 2022 across a number of different areas in order to ensure continuity of service delivery.”

These public services include schools, nursing homes, higher education institutions, hospices and others, and the available support being allocated to each of these goes into the millions.

With further reference to vulnerable members of the community, McGrath detailed additional support for those receiving benefits. A single pensioner using Fuel Allowance, for instance, is predicted to receive an extra €2375 between this year and Christmas 2023. The budget also includes the doubling of social welfare bonuses in October and December.

He commented, “We continue to navigate the uncertainties of Brexit, we got through the long, dark days of Covid, and we are responding with compassion and resolve to the dreadful invasion of Ukraine.

“We are doing this together, both here in Ireland and in co-operation with our international partners.”


Get in touch with your energy supplier


If you are concerned about the cost of your bills or future increases, it’s important to get in touch with your energy supplier to discuss alternative payment plans and options. Even providing an up-to-date meter read can make sure your payments are accurate and up to date.


 Finding a better deal


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