Door to door energy sales: what you need to know

At ‘Power to Switch’ we are all about helping people switch to a better energy deal. We think the best way is to compare deals using Using our site means you search all available tariffs, offers and promotions across all suppliers – this makes choosing the best energy deal easy.


But there are other ways to switch…many energy suppliers use door to door sales people to encourage you to switch to their deals. And as a sales method this is fine – and if you switch to a better deal that’s great…especially if you have never switched before. Maybe next time you might even use Power to Switch!


So, remember to consider these points if an energy sales person calls to your door…


Ask to see ID.

All Door to Door sales people are required to have ID with their full name, photo, company name, address, contact number & expiry date.


Agreeing to a Sales Pitch

There are strict guidelines a Door to Door energy sales person must adhere to when attempting to make a sale. They must explain the reason for the visit and confirm if you wish to proceed. If you do not wish to proceed then the sales agent must leave and also confirm whether you want to be added to a ‘not for contact’ database.


Information to be Presented

Sales agent are required to provide full information to help you consider if the deal is right for you. This includes details of tariff rates, any charges and contract terms and provide you with a copy of their Sales Checklist. They must be courteous and professional, not mislead, especially over any savings, they must not deliberately withhold information or use high pressure tactics.


Considering your Options

Remember that most sales people only sell for one supplier at a time. So, they will only be able to offer you deals from that supplier – but it is important to compare any offer against what you are currently paying.

Your energy bill or statement is the best place to start. It has all the information you need in terms of how much energy you use, your current tariff, supplier and how much you pay. Having this information to hand is the best way to check if the deal on offer is better than the one you are on.


Don’t feel Pressurised

If you feel the deal is right for you then that’s great…signing up is easy to do. But if you are unsure or would like more time to consider then just say this to the sales person. As mentioned there are strict guidelines in place to protect your rights and you can stop the sales process at any time.

If you have any concerns about how a sales agent has acted or you feel that you have been mis-sold, then get in touch with the company that they represent.

And remember if you do switch you have 14 calendar days to change your mind.


Finding the best deal…


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