Saving Money on Energy Bills

With the arrival of February some of those #2020 resolutions may be coming under a little pressure. But why not do one good deed for yourself this week and save money by switching energy supplier.

If you have never switched or if it has been a while (+1 year) then you’re probably paying more than you need to. But switching to a better energy deal has never been easier – ‘Power to Switch’ makes it simple and quick to compare energy prices, save money on bills, find the best deal and make your money go that bit further in 2020.

How many energy suppliers can I choose from?

Over the last few months there have been some changes in the Irish energy market – Just Energy left the market in the middle of 2019 but since then a few new suppliers have entered the market and are offering deals to domestic consumers.

There are currently twelve electricity suppliers active in the market to choose from (remember ESB Networks doesn’t supply electricity). The suppliers are BEenergy, Bord Gáis Energy, Community Power, Electric Ireland, Energia, Flogas, Glowpower, Iberdrola, Panda Power, Pinergy, PrePayPower and SSE Airtricity.

There are eight gas suppliers active in the market to choose from and include Bord Gáis Energy, Electric Ireland, Energia, Flogas, Iberdrola, Panda Power, PrePayPower and SSE Airtricit. These suppliers also offer Dual Fuel deals (apart from Flogas who have recently entered the electricity market and have not released Dual Fuel tariffs as yet).

With a wide range of tariffs, promotions and deals to choose from there should be a plan to suits your needs.

Aren’t energy suppliers all the same?

No, each energy supplier will provide a choice of tariffs and offers. They have a range of deals, billing methods and payment options which could save you money. Some companies offer an introductory bonus or cashback for switching to them, or a loyalty bonus for staying with them! Many suppliers offer a discount for the first year and there are tariffs which offer a fixed rate for the duration of the contract term – so again it’s about picking the deal that is best for you.

Could I save money on my energy bill?

Yes, switching electricity supplier via ‘Power to Switch‘ can help save money off your bill. For a typical home there could be a saving of around €360 per year when they switch to a better electricity and gas supplier.

Even If you have changed supplier it’s still worth checking out other deals. Once any introductory term ends its likely you will be moved to a more expensive rate.

Is it easy to compare deals?

Yes, it’s easy especially if you use ‘Power to Switch’. To find a better deal enter a few details on how much you currently spend on electricity (or how much you use) – an old bill or statement can help. If you don’t have these details you can still compare deals for an average home based on low, medium and high energy use.

Power to Switch will check all suppliers and tariffs to identify other available deals – as well as savings there is information on the energy supplier, any cashbacks or bonus offers and tariff terms & conditions.

What should I think about when looking at other deals?

There are a few things. Firstly, how you want to pay can impact on the range of tariffs you can choose from. The main payment options will be Direct Debit, Pay as You Go, or cash/card or cheque.

Other things to think about…

  • How you would like to be billed – (online/email billing or postal bills)
  • What type of plan you want -(discount tariff or fixed rate tariff)
  • Is there a Fixed Term e.g. 1 or 2 years (remember to check if there is an early exit fee)
  • Are there any other perks, cashbacks or promotions

(Usually the best deals are available to customers choosing Direct Debit Payment and Online Billing)

Is the switching process a hassle?

No, your new supplier will take care of the switching process – you don’t even have to tell your old supplier that you are leaving. There will be no interruption to your supply and no changes to your meter, wiring or connection. You also have ten working days to cancel the switch if you change your mind.

So, get switched on and see if you can save money on your electricity bill. Power to Switch compares all deals and tariffs across all suppliers which makes choosing the best deal easy. To compare deals visit or follow us on 
facebook and twitter at @PowertoSwitchIE 


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