Iberdrola launch market leading deals

Iberdrola, one of the recent entrants to the Irish energy market, have announced big discounts on their electricity and dual fuel deals for new customers.

As COVID-19 restrictions have turned from weeks into months a recent report suggested energy consumption at home could be up as much as 20%*. So, any new deals that help people reduce their energy bills and keep more money in their pocket will undoubtedly be welcome.

What are the new offers from Iberdrola?

Iberdrola have introduced significant discounts for new customers on both their electricity and dual fuel tariffs.

Green 32.5

The new electricity offer from Iberdrola comes with a hefty 32.5% discount off their standard rate. Payment is by Direct Debit with online billing and it comes with a 12-month contract.

Dual Fuel 32.5

The Dual Fuel deal from Iberdrola also comes with a 32.5% discount…and the discount is applied across both electricity and gas making it a really competitive deal. Again, payment is by direct debit with online billing and it comes with a 12-month contract.

Iberdrola….the company

Iberdrola entered the Irish Energy market in June 2019 and offer a range of electricity, gas and dual fuel deals.

The Iberdrola Group is one of the world’s largest utilities with over 100 million customers, worldwide, and a leader in wind energy. In Great Britain the Iberdrola group trades as Scottish Power and supplies gas and electricity to over 5 million customers

Green Energy

Iberdrola provides electricity sourced from 100% renewable generation. Therefore, if you sign up to either deal you can be sure that the electricity coming to your home is supplied from renewable sources.  

Who is eligible

These offers are exclusive to Power to Switch and available to new customers. Customers will be subject to a 12-month contract – If you to leave before the contract period ends a €50 exit fee will be applied (€100 for Dual Fuel, €50 per fuel)

Comparing Energy Prices

With more time spent indoors, especially over the next number of weeks, it’s important to review your energy bills, switch to a better deal and keep more money in your pocket.

At ‘Power to Switch’ we compare all energy suppliers, deals and offers in Ireland to find you the best deal. Switching is quick, hassle-free and means you keep more money in your pocket.

For more information on energy issues and switching visit www.powertoswitch.ie or follow us on facebook or twitter


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