Save €€€’s…by switching your electricity and gas supplier

In Ireland there is more choice than ever in terms of who supplies electricity and gas to your home. And across all suppliers there are a wide range of tariff offers, promotions and incentives so now is a great time to switch and save €€€’s.

Let’s take a quick look at the things to consider….


Will I save by switching energy supplier?

If you have never switched electricity or gas supplier you will save money by switching…based on average usage you could see savings of over €360*

If you have switched but it’s been longer than 12 months it will pay to compare prices again as they may have changed. Some suppliers also offer a 1 Year introductory deal when you switch – once the initial year is over it’s likely you will move to a more expensive (standard) rate.


Can I switch energy supplier?

Switching energy supplier is free and easy to do. You can switch regardless if you own your own home or rent and you can switch as many times as you like (although some fixed term deals may have an exit fee if you leave the contract early).

If there is debt on your account of over €225 your current supplier will notify your new supplier of the debt. A new supplier may reject the switch if this debt is flagged. You can avoid this by paying off any arrears owed to your supplier before switching.


Picking the best deal

It may sound obvious but switch to the best deal for you…pick a supplier and tariff which meets your needs. A few things to think about…


  • Tariff Type: What type of plan suits you best – some suppliers offer a Fixed Price tariff, whilst others offer an introductory discount rate. You may prefer to paying by Direct Debit, or when you receive a bill or even ‘Pay as You Go


  • Billing: How you would like to be billed – maybe you prefer to manage your account online or still like to get postal bills.


  • Renewable Energy: you can choose an electricity supplier that provides their energy from 100% renewable sources. On ‘Power to Switch’ you can filter results to show only ‘Green Energy’ plans making it easy to choose.


  • Promotional Offers: maybe you fancy an introductory discount or reward. Many suppliers offer cashback, or other incentives such as family days out, vouchers or Tesco Points.


  • Smart Technology: a number of suppliers have promotional offers that can help reduce energy consumption…another way to keep bills low. These smart home offers include tech such as Nest or Climote controls, amazon echo & dot, free LED lights or smart plugs…it worth checking out these offers if you are interested in having these in your home.


Like everything else it’s about weighing up the best deal for you…If Price is key then there are some great deals available that will help reduce your bills. If Promotions are what attracts you then there are lots to choose from – we list all available offers and rewards to make weighing up your options easy.


What won’t happen when you switch…

The electricity and gas supplied to your home is the same no matter who your supplier is (in fact all suppliers purchase from the one market). Your lights won’t shine any brighter or your kettle won’t boil any quicker depending on who your supplier is. The main difference is what you will pay and with a range of suppliers and offers switching to a better deal can really save you money.

And there will be no interruption to your supply because you switch.

There will also be no changes to your meter, your wiring, your pipe work or connection. Changing your electricity or gas supplier will not affect the safety or reliability of your electricity or gas supply or how quickly your power is restored if there is a power cut.


Finding the best deal…

‘Power to Switch’ makes finding a better energy deal simple – we compare all energy suppliers, tariffs and deals across Ireland and can get your switch started in no time. Because we are accredited by the ‘Commission for the Regulation of Utilities’ ( you can trust our information to be accurate, impartial and independent.

Switching is easy, hassle free and you don’t even have to tell your old supplier you are leaving. So, check out what you could be saving with ‘Power to Switch’


Compare Electricity and Gas Prices



* Actual savings will depend on usage and current tariff details. Energy savings based on an average household consuming 4,200 kWh electricity and 11,000 kWh gas per year.


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You could save more money by taking your electricity and gas from separate suppliers

If you prefer the convenience of one supplier for your electricity and gas then the biggest saving is the tariff from .
This deal will save you € per year.

You could save € on your electricity bill with the tariff from .

You could save € on your gas bill with the from .

The combined savings will be € per year.

You can view all the tariff options from the results page. Simply 'toggle' between the type of tariff you would like to see.